(简称”奥锐时代”),定位于为中国供应商代理开发客户业务,提供全球采购信息服务,致力于成为国内首家也是最大的为进出口企业提供代理开发客户业务的一家公司。 奥锐时代采用了多家信息中心和贸易平台多年来丰富的信息资源和信息分析经验,利用自主开发的贸易渠道和互联网平台,精准了解海外市场的需求,分析国内各行业产品走向趋势,为国内各行业供货商提供专业的开拓全球市场的信息服务! 奥锐时代为广大中国供货商提供贴心服务,本着和中国供应商共发展同进步的理念,倡导电子杂志新潮流,截止至07年4月中旬,中国企业电子杂志利用政府的平台,海外订阅发行量已达200万,是国内以电子杂志为主体开发开外客户渠道的一家服务型企业! 奥锐时代资源优势——奥锐时代作为一家信息服务公司,和政府以及多家海外信息网合作,每条信息都是驻外机构当地搜集,上门采集,做到信息准确率达90%以上。 奥锐时代服务优势——区别于普通商业平台,采用主动出击,为企业开发海外市场,真正做到为企业省时,省力,省钱! 展开 公司地址:北京市朝阳区东三环南路54号 (邮编:100023) 地图 公司官网:http://www.chinaemt.com
UNITED AIRLINES United Airlines’ industry-leading efforts successfully expand commercial aviation and refine airline services around the world. United is widely recognized and respected as a leader in innovation among the aviation industry. For almost eight decades, United has grown from that single overseas flight to become one of the largest airlines in the world, flying nearly nine million travellers on 70,000 international flights each year. It is now the leading U.S. airline operating in Asia-Pacific and offers flights to 189 destinations in 26 countries. United is also a founding member of Star Alliance which is the world’s biggest airline alliance. United, United Express and Ted operate more than 3,500 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. United offers the best way for Chinese travelers to fly to the US’ major cities, currently operating 35 flights a week from China to U.S., including daily nonstop flights from Beijing, Shanghai to Chicago, Washington and San Francisco. United Airlines is the founding member of the first and largest global aviation alliance – Star Alliance with daily non-stop flights from Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong to the United States. We would like to invite applications for the following position in Guangzhou: We offer competitive remuneration package and fringe benefits to the right candidate. Please send your full resume with both English and Chinese version and salary expectation by email to [email protected] or fax to (86-10)-6463-5636 before September 9, 2007 and note the position you are interested. Please write your resume in the email body. Do not attach any files. Please be noted that telephone inquiry or personal visit will not be received. 展开 公司地址:G05 Garden Hotel, No.368 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, China (邮编:000000) 地图

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